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By , Posted on 27th March, 2018 at 10:43 AM
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Top 50 Digital Marketing Influencers To Watch Out For This Year

Digital marketing professionals are in heavy demand and businesses are focusing on hiring these experts to grow their customer base, improve sales and gain a solid presence on the internet. In 2019, even small businesses will be spending their funds on digital marketing. According to Forrester research, companies will allocate roughly 41% of their marketing budget to digital practices. That number has significantly gone up from previous years and just proves how important it is for companies to depend on digital marketing. These digital wizards have worked with major companies and are now seen as influencers and educators in the sphere of digital marketing. Some People are running Best digital marketing company in Chandigarh

Following them is a crucial vehicle for the success of your company, and here’s the list of the top 50 digital marketers to follow this Year.

1. Neil Patel Quicksprout

Neil deserves to be on the top list because of his huge fan base. His main focus is kissmetrics, a company that helps businesses track important online metrics and Quicksprout is a side project. His tutorials have helped many bloggers and marketers to reach their crescendo. The wall street journal hails him as a top influencer on the internet. Former President Obama declared Neil as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30. He has worked with top brands like Tech Crunch.

Connect with Neil: Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

2. Rand Fishkin – The Moz Blog

When it comes to the mastery of SEO, Rand has been termed as GURU. After publishing two bestselling eBooks in the industry- the art of SEO and inbound marketing & SEO- rand made a name for himself as an industry expert. His popular site whiteboard Friday was built from advanced tactics he learned from MOZ, his former company where he served in the capacity as Founder and CEO. He has earned the title of being” under 40 best entrepreneurs “by Seattle times and Business Journal.

Connect with Rand : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

3. Barry Schwartz – Search Engine Roundtable

Do you want the latest information on Google Algorithm Updates? If so, you should definitely keep an eye on Barry’s blog Search Engine Roundtable. Barry’s blog earned the name “The Pulse of Search Engine Marketing Community” for a reason. He’s usually the first person to break new info about changes and updates in Google’s algorithm. Barry also serves as the news editor Search Engine Land.

Connect with Barry : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

4. Danny Sullivan – Search Engine Land

Thinking of longevity in the industry of search engine and search engine marketing? Danny Sullivan is definitely the guy to watch out for. Serving in the industry from 1986 to date, he has gone through lots of ups and downs, but this has not deterred him from being in this list.
His diversity and experience are some aspects that have earned him multiple roles in the digital space. Currently CEO of Third Door Media, publisher of Marketing Land, and producer of Search Marketing Expo & Conference Series, Danny has several feathers in his hat. Despite his multiple roles in this companies, Danny’s love for what he does can be seen in his efforts that he puts in growing his personal blog.

Connect with Danny : Facebook and Twitter

5. Jeff Bullas – Jeff Bullas

Over 25 million entrepreneurs globally owe their success to Jeff. This earned him the reputation to be featured on sites like Forbes, Inc, New York times and the Huffington post among others. He’s diverse and professional in his activities. Some of his major roles range from content strategist, blogger, consultant and speaker at major events. Jeff is also an author of his bestselling book-blogging the smart way- how to create and market a killer blog with social media.

Connect with Jeff : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

6. Larry Kim – Wordstream

Larry has thrilled over 1,000,000+ advertisers with his brand Wordstream, a Boston-based digital agency. Ever since its launch in 2007, Wordstream has become a household name among bloggers and digital marketers, wanting to up their ante in the field of digital marketing. In fact, google endorsed his brand for having the highest expertise and proficiency in the development, launching and managing of AdWords, both for merchants and small businesses. Larry was crowned “2015 marketer of the year” by search engine land and US awards. He did also make it to the Digital Marketing Hall of Fame Awards.

Connect with Larry: Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

7. John Rampton – John Rampton Blogg

Forbes calls john “the blogging expert”. But do you know how he brands himself? A serial entrepreneur, connector and online influencer, entrepreneur magazine recently ranked him #3 Of The Top 50 Online Influencers. John has also been featured as a Top Ten PPC Influencer For 3 Years In A Row. John only began learning internet marketing back in 2007. This was due to an accident that had gotten him incapacitated from his former role in a construction company.

Connect with John : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

8. Heidi Cohen – Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Guide

How can the women be left behind? One out of all major social media platforms, Instagram is ruled by women.  After working with some major international corporations, Heidi Cohen decided to launch her Actionable Marketing Guide. She focuses on breaking complex marketing problems into actionable guides. She has achieved this herculean feat by implementing strategies she learned from years of successfully working as a consultant with international brands. Riverside marketing strategies is where she presently implements creative strategies to help start-ups and established companies expand more.

Connect with Heidi : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

9. Avinash Kaushik – Oscam’s Razor

Digital marketing evangelist for google, author of two best-selling books web analytic 2.0 and an hour a day and the, and Co-Founder And CEO Of Market Motive, a company that teaches digital marketing form silicon valley based experts, Avinash Kaushik is the Most Venerated Digital Marketer In The World. His company features everything from digital marketing, social media marketing, conversion optimization and more.

Connect with Avinash : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

10. Justin Cutroni – Analytics Talk

Want to learn how to leverage online data and digital analytics to enhance your business? Follow Justin Cutroni closely. He has helped a huge number of international brands achieve their dreams already. He doubles as a web analytics expert and a google certified partner. Besides digital marketing, Justin is also passionate about speaking. Some of his famous publications are google analytics and performance marketing with google analytics.

Connect with Justin : Twitter and LinkedIn

11. Scott Stratten – Unmarketing

Born in greater Toronto Canada, Scott currently serves as the president of Unmarketing. He teaches companies why they should stop marketing, and instead start engaging with their audience on their most loved social media platform. Scott has been featured on Forbes for his influential roles on social media. He prides himself on three of his books that have been read by thousands of marketers. These include Unbranding, Unselling And Unmarketing-all available on amazon.

Connect with Scott : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

12. Chris Ducker – YouPreneur

Chris is the founder of Youpreneur, a community where everybody matters. He uses the platform as a brand to address entrepreneurs who are focused on building thriving and timeless businesses. Coaches, bloggers, podcasters, vloggers, speakers, and digital marketing experts are all welcome to join youpreneur’s bubbling community. He’s been featured on most big brands.

Connect with Chris : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

13. Joe Pulizzi – Content Marketing Institute

Joe is a speaker, entrepreneur and a podcast host. He’s famous for having much success with lots of start-ups throughout his career. His biggest breakthrough in business is content marketing institute, a resource centre for marketing. Inc magazine recognized him in 2014 as the fastest growing media company. Joe also won the famous John Coldwell lifetime achievement award.

Connect with Joe: Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

14. Ian Cleary – Razor Social

Are your online marketing efforts not bringing you the required results? Ian’s brand razor social can help you. Ian Cleary is a globally recognized thought leader in content discovery and social media marketing. He is also a consultant, trainer and executive coach for all digital marketing needs.

Hangout with Ian : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

15. Ramon Ray – Small Biz Technology

Highly energetic and massively informative, Ramon is a global speaker, entrepreneur and author. He’s renowned for inspiring, energizing and informing attendees of events whenever he hits the stage. If you are looking for a speaker for your event, Ramon can break the stage to get information through to your audience.

Hangout with Ramon : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

16. Ehsan Jahandarpour –

Ehsan helps businesses scale to the next level with his innovative strategies and years of experience. He has been featured in tech crunch and entrepreneur magazine. His company jahandarpour guarantees growth rate for businesses using tested, boosting facebook fans , proven, plug and play strategies that get results.

Hangout with Ehsan : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

17. Aleyda Solis –

Aleyda Solis is a global SEO consultant. She is the founder of Orainti, a company that helps business get more traffic, better search visibility to improve their ROI. In 2015 Forbes ranked her one of the “top 10 online marketers to follow.” Aleyda is technically inclined to diverse SEO projects and has worked with hundreds of companies in more than almost a decade in the SEO niche.

Hangout with Aleyda : Twitter and LinkedIn

18. Bill Slawski – Seo By The Sea

Bill has almost two decades of experience as an SEO expert. He’s a leading expert in Google’s SEO related patent. He’s the editor of SEO By The Sea, a blog related to SEO and has written more than 1000 posts. He’s also an important team member of Go Fish Digital, and has an enormous level of experience in guiding and coaching small businesses besides fortune 500 companies.

Connect with Bill : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

19. Kristi Hines –

Search engine examiner, search engine watch and search engine journal all recognize Kristi for her diversity and professionalism. Her past features a career in blogging, freelance writing and even ghost-writing. She’s a prominent author at Digital Marketer and writes mainly on link building, lead generation and content marketing to name a few.

Connect with Kristi : Twitter and LinkedIn

20. Danny Brown –

HubSpot named Brown as the “world’s top marketing blogger” while social media examiner labelled him the “top 10 social media blogger” for three years in a row. He has spoken at new media expo, tedx, social mix and many business events and conferences. Not only that! He has worked with some of the biggest organizations in the world including IBM, Microsoft Canada, LG electronics and Vodafone.

Connect with Danny : Twitter and LinkedIn

21. AJ Kohn – Blind Five Year Old

The digital market can’t resist AJ Kohn as a top influencer in the industry. He is the co-founder of blind five-year-old. Kohn is an ideal blend of broad knowledge regarding search marketing, product strategy and product development

Connect with AJ : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

22. Nadav Dakner – Inbound Junction

Inbound junction has Nadav as the CEO. Being in the digital marketing industry for such a long period, he is the brain behind the fame many established businesses and start-ups enjoy online today. He concentrates his attention on unique branding and creating messages that people can’t resist but produce results.

Connect with Nadav : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

23. Brian Halligan – HubSpot

HubSpot is the number one digital marketing blog and Brian Halligan is the company’s co-founder and CEO. He has authored two books-marketing lessons from the grateful dead and inbound marketing: get found using GOOGLE and serves in the capacity of a lecturer in marketing and entrepreneurial product development at the same time. In his spare time, Brian plays tennis, practices guitar, and follows the Red Sox.

Connect with Brian : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

24. Peter Shankman –

The geek factory’s CEO Peter Shankman displays his genius as an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and authoring books. His fame comes as a result of his crazy ideas about digital marketing, advertising and social media. He is popularly known as the founder of Help A Reporter Out (HARO)- a robust platform that provides journalists with a database of sources for stories.

Connect with Peter : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

25. Ann Smarty – Seo Smarty

Smarty’s heart lives and thrives on creative ways in the digital marketing world. She is the founder of My Blog Guest where she displays secrets of her success to her followers. She is often contracted to work with internal tools development and test processes.

Connect with Ann : Twitter and LinkedIn

26. Grant Cardone – Grantcardone

Cardone’s unique marketing rules are against conventional thinking pattern which makes him stand out from the rest. His popular rule which got him world attention is ‘if you are not first then you are last’. He can be as well referred to as success itself when it comes to real estate. Well, renowned companies like google, wells Fargo, ford and many others has loads of good things to say about this marketer. Cardone also motivates, trains and empowers businesses.

Connect with Cardone : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

27. Chris Stoikos – The Beard Club

Stoikos is the founder of cool box and the beard club. Entertaining the masses with hilarious videos and sharing a rare philosophy unique to him alone makes him an expert on attracting the audience.

Connect with Chris : Facebook and LinkedIn

28. Ann Handley – Marketingprofs

The 21st century cannot talk about women not being powerful marketers and the list has always initiated with the name of goddess Ann Handley. She has authored many books including the famous “everybody writes”. She is the chief content officer of marketing profs. Her writings have proven its worth as her followers meet with success following her step by step approach. You can even follow various proven tactics to grow fan base on Instagram in short time.

Connect with Ann : Twitter

29. Branden Hampton – Branden Hampton

Nicknamed as the social media’s emperor, Branden has earned his position just by the glaring numbers of followers he has. He may not be a big name but has over 31 million followers across all social media networks from the accounts he manages. Branden has also authored the famous book how to set-up your business for under $100.

Connect with Branden : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

30. Brian D Evans – Briandevans

Brian d Evans is the Founder And Ceo Of Influencive, an online publication which stands as a must-read for entrepreneurs. Influencive is one of the fastest growing firms in the US. Brian has been featured on Forbes, Mashable, INC, Business Insider and Entrepreneur.

Connect with Brian : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

31. Nathan Allen – Work With The Coach

Nathan is the CEO of “work with the coach,” a multimillion organization which he started from scratch. He says if you want your fans to organically spark business, you need to engage with them in a genuine way. Work with the coach was established to help leaders authentically connect with their consumers and fans. Nathan’s list of clients includes top-ranking organizations like vh1, MTV and Nicki Minaj.

Connect with Nathan : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

32. Mari Smith – Marismith

Often referred to as the “Facebook queen” because of her never-ending strategies on Facebook marketing, Mari smith has earned an unweaving reputation as a marketing adviser for start-ups and established businesses. She has over two decades of experience in digital marketing.

Connect with Mari : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

33. Evan Dunn – Transform Inc

Evan Dunn is a digital marketer at Transform Inc, a digital agency with a broad range of capacities working across numerous industries to boost sales and marketing growth via data science. According to Dunn, today’s marketing must be scientific. He says measurement analytics, quantification, statistics and optimization are the stuff of a well- driven digital marketing strategy.

Connect with Evan : Twitter

34. Deep Patel – Deeppatel

Patel is a serial entrepreneur, marketer and has been recognized by Forbes as a “Top 25 Marketing Influencer.” He gains satisfaction from working with startups and has launched many campaigns on how startups can create viral awareness. Patel has also authored A Paperboy’s Fable. Branding is his point of focus in digital marketing.

Connect with Nathan : Twitter and LinkedIn

35. Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income

Pat is a blogger, entrepreneur, podcaster and a speaker. His famous website smart passive income has the largest podcast fan base in the world with millions of listeners. He has authored a series of books including the famous “how to transform moments of panic into a life of profits and purpose”.

Connect with Pat : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

36. Amy Vernon – Amy Vernon

Vernon’s journalistic skills have gotten her well brandished on social media. Her rare ability to get the masses pay attention to a particular business has propelled her to the top of the social media world. A series of well- established companies around the world seek her professional advice on marketing their products and services.

Connect with Amy : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

37. Jason Stone – Millionaire Mentor

Jason has a series of organizations as his personal property including the millionaire’s mentor, gentleman’s mafia and local door coupons. He is undoubtedly a real definition of a digital wizard as proven by his broad fan base of more than two million.

Connect with Jason : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

38. Jon Youshaei – Youshaei

Jon has a unique ability to entertain people and he expresses this hard-to-find skill through cartoons. Many around the world read his writings on marketing and scaling a business. He has so much love for his cartoons that he founded every vowel. He is currently operating as the marketing manager of GOOGLE.

Connect with Jon : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

39. Chirag Kulkarni – Chirag Kulkarni

New York-based Chirag Kulkarni is the founder and CEO of Taco, a reputable marketing organization that has represented reputable firms like Policy Bazaar, Infibeam, and Dairy Queen. He has been widely recognized for many accomplishments and awards besides being named an expert in marketing and thought leader by INC.

Connect with Chirag : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

40. Kimra Luna – Be True Brand You

Kimra Luna is the founder of “Be True, Brand You,” a place where she teaches people to trade the 9 to 5 grind and become their own boss. Her success in such a short time is a testimony as to how fast success can be achieved through social media and marketing. She is simply crazy about providing solutions to young businesses that aspire to evolve in the competitive market. She has been featured on Forbes with a killer article titled kimra Luna’s 8 secrets for building a business.

Connect with Kimra : Facebook and Twitter

41. Nicolas Cole – Digital Press

Cole’s quality of work got him featured in popular magazines like Fortune, Forbes, Business Insider and TIME. His fan base alone speaks volumes about his skills. His writings have been viewed by over 20 million people because of their unique approach to boost a business’s ROI without overspending. Cole has authored a series of write-ups and currently is the editor of digital press, a content marketing agency for businesses that want to be positioned #1 in their industry.

Connect with Nicolas : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

42. Dave Kerpen – Dave Kerpen

Dave kerpen is the founder and CEO of a Likeable Local, a Social Media Management Company. He is also a reality TV show personality and his fame dates back to over two and a half decades. This guy is bent on the success of his followers through a series of publications he has authored.

Connect with Dave : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

43. John Hall – Influence & Co

Hall is the CEO and founder of Influence & Co a content marketing firm that has served many businesses worldwide. Some of his clients include Forbes, INC and HBR. His motivational talks are making waves around the world. Hall has a well maintained reputation in the corporate world and then the digital world cannot resist this guy. Here’s a case study on how john grew Influence & Co into the largest content marketing agency in the world.

Connect with John : Twitter and LinkedIn

44. Pam Moore – Marketing Nutz

Pam is the CEO and founder of Marketing Nutz, a digital marketing agency that basically does everything for start-ups and fully established businesses. She’s also an international keynote speaker and has presented for Adobe, IBM, Lowes home improvement, British Council, Golfweek and more. Pam has also been ranked by Forbes for being the top 10 social media power influencers.

Connect with Pam : Twitter and LinkedIn

45. Connor Blakley – Connor Blakley

Connor Blakley is the youngest guy on this list who is a top authority for marketing to generation that comprises of individuals under the age of 20. He understands the power of the generation and how important brands need to pay attention to this new generation of disruptors or innovators before they go extinct. Blakley believes in delivering quality upfront.

Connect with Connor : Twitter and LinkedIn

46. Aaron Orendorf – Iconic Content

Aaron Orendorf is the founder and CEO of Iconic Content, an organization that specializes in providing quality content to its clients. Aaron is behind some of the most successful brands on popular sites like the CopyBlogger, Content Marketing Institute and Unbounce. He is also the content marketer at shopify.

Connect with Aaron : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

47. Josh – Steimle MWI

Josh steimle is the founder of MWI, Salt Lake-based digital marketing agency. He founded this agency two decades ago when he was in college. Josh currently trains executives on how to influence and create awareness for their own organizations.

Connect with Josh : Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn

48. Angie Schottmuller –

Angie schottmuller helps businesses catapult their ROI and get an average of 4x more out of existing marketing efforts through a thorough understanding of data-driven technology, target audience and persuasive psychology. Angie also serves as the universe in the capacity of a motivational speaker, consultant and author to a series of publications.

Connect with Angie : Facebook  and  Twitter

49. Sam Hurley – Optim Eyez

Sam is the driven force behind Optim eyez. From ground zero, Sam raised himself to be featured on brands such as Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Huffington Post, Oracle And More. He helps companies master accelerated growth which drives, ultimately leading to sales.

Connect with Sam : Twitter and LinkedIn

50. Andrew Frank – Gartner for Marketers

Andrew frank specializes in best practices for data-driven marketing, which includes how businesses can use data to Boost Sales And Generate More Leads, loyalty, innovation, strategy and meet business objectives.

Connect with Andrew : Twitter and LinkedIn

If you want timely information to stay ahead of the digital curve, his brand Gartner for marketing is a one-stop destination. Andrew has tremendous experience in digital technology and helps businesses with practical challenges they normally face.

Out of the entire list, tell us who is your favourite digital marketer?

Answer us in comments.


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