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By , Posted on 16th March, 2018 at 11:30 AM
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Learn About Facebook Marketing From These 14 Social Media Influencers

Planning your social media marketing strategy entails a solid understanding of what each social platform has to offer concerning demographics, Growing  user base, business results, and more. Selling your products and services have now been super easy as social media helps you connect with your audience at the other end of the screen.

And from all the platforms, Facebook continues to rule the internet as a top platform for businesses and brands to connect with potential clients.


Facebook currently has 2.07 billion monthly active users, which translates to one-third of the global population.

Another study by Pew research media found Facebook users to have higher income levels, with the highest adoption rate being $75,000 every year. Also, 50 million businesses have active Facebook pages.

These important stats shed light on the significance of marketing your business on Facebook without spending much dollars.

If you haven’t started yet, we suggest you do it now!

Now without further ado, let’s learn the tricks of Facebook marketing from the top 14 social media influencers in the world:

Here’s what they have to say

1. Leverage Videos Effectively (Emeric Ernoult)

Emeric Ernoult, the co-founder of Agora Pulse, says that the hottest tip to sell services or products is to not only images but also videos.

Facebook users watch over 100 million hours of video on a daily basis. That’s more than 8 billion videos each day. At the f8 summit, Mark Zuckerberg said that video is a crucial part of their future site development plans.

By spending just $200, on the Facebook video ad below, noted social media influencer, Kim Garst, was able to reach over 20,000 people who viewed videos over 6,600 times.

Every time someone likes a product with a video, he’ll share it and possibly drop a few lines on how people can benefit from the product. This can help you gain new leads . The possibilities are seriously endless. Plus, Facebook’s autoplay feature indicates videos are more eye-catching compared to a regular post.

2. Post At Odd Hours (Neil Patel)

You have a business page, and it seems alright to post during business hours. That may be true to some business owners. However, you may be leaving a lot of money on the table by not posting outside business hours and not reaching a huge chunk of your audience.

Facebook marketing expert, Neil Patel, who has been labelled as the “top social media power influencer” on Forbes, suggests experimenting with posting between 1 PM and 4 PM. A recent study by CoSchedule showed that posting during these hours results in the highest average click-through rates. The numbers peak at 3 pm and sharply go down on weekends before and after 8 am – 8 pm respectively when people have other important things to focus on.

According to Neil Patel, by posting in the early afternoon (1 pm), you’ll get the most shares, while posting at 4 pm will garner your clicks.
Here’s a neat infographic by CoSchedule on the times to post on Facebook.


3. Find Innovative Ways To Add Images (Andrea Vahl)

Visual marketing is on the rise and sharing high-resolution images is still the best way to interact with your fans. Images are more visible than mere links and take up greater space in the newsfeed, says Andrea Vahl, social media coach, strategist and speaker.

Come up with innovative ideas for incorporating more pictures. If you are going to share a link to your latest blog post, find a catchy image that compels the user to click on it.

Here’s a terrific example from ll bean, a fashion outlet.


If you want to post a quote, find a relevant royalty free image and add to the quote.

If you want to illustrate a specific point, get hold of a good graphic artist to assist you. If you want to share a big infographic, first create a smaller version of it, and then link to the post in your status update.

When people leave likes on your Facebook photos or post, they’ll show up in the newsfeed of their friends and can be easily noticed than the plain text.

4. Be Nice To Your Fans

Marie Smith is the most pleasant marketer in the world and has a strong following of over 207,472 on Facebook alone.

The queen of Facebook says sharing authentic and quality content will prevail in the long run. But more than that, she says, it’s fostering relationships with your Facebook Fans that can make or break your brand. Brands that nurture their relationships with their customers through reliability, relatability and trust will ultimately get a massive chunk of the market

This indicates showing customers you care about them through actions and being nice to them. Smith takes about relationship marketing in her eBook. Additionally, if you want to target female audience then most of them are on Instagram.

Shane Bennett, a loyal Samsung customer from Canada, asked for the free unit of their soon-to-be-launched phone and included a drawing of a roaring dragon. In return, Samsung sent him a drawing of unicycle-riding kangaroo. Shane shared both the messages on reddit where it went viral. To thank him, Samsung Canada sent him the phone with his breath-taking artwork of the dragon.


An important takeaway here is to have fun interacting with your customers without taking their nasty comments too seriously.

5. Treat Social Media Marketing Like A Party (Pat Flynn)

If you haven’t yet heard of Pat Flynn, you must either be joking or have no experience with digital marketing. He’s an expert internet marketer and enjoys tremendous exposure on the world’s leading digital blogs.

Pat suggests treating Facebook marketing like going to a party. Don’t simply go around posting about your product or brand at once as that would be analogous to approaching a group of people in a party and let everyone know about your sales pitch.

You should instead focus on what your target market is talking about. Add some insights to the conversations happening within your industry. Post questions on what they want to know and offer answers freely. Slowly, people will start noticing your brand and find out more about what you have to say.

6. Curate Content (Lewis Howes)

Facebook marketing expert, Lewis Howes, recommends in one of his posts to abstain from excessive focusing on yourself, especially if you want to launch a stellar Facebook marketing campaign. He advises starting curating content from brands and influencers that you love.

Believe it or not, high-end marketers like those on this particular list still lay greater emphasis on how their content is performing. So, the more you share their stuff, the more they notice you. This can ultimately blossom into a productive relationship with them and open new avenues to potential future collaborations.

Here’s an infographic from CoSchedule on curating content the right way.

An important takeaway here is to have fun interacting with your customers without taking their nasty comments too seriously.

It is always better to know which platform your clients love the most.

7. Involve Your Followers In Product Decisions (PJ Jonas)

Experienced marketer and founder of Goat Milk Stuff, PJ Jonas, advises asking fans for their decisions when rolling out a new product. Whether it’s a physical product or an information product, try involving your followers in designing an aspect of it.

Ask them for their input before your product launch. Build a sense of urgency and make them feel important by asking for their final decisions and inputs. If possible, try including images of the product.

After the launch, you can thank them for their feedback.

A couple of months back, Goat Milk Stuff, wanted to show and sell a bunch of soy candles. Jonas asked the company’s Facebook Page followers the scents they wanted and received 72 responses.

Later, they posted pictures of the candles too. Dont forget Instagram, its a goldmine for the marketers who use it effectively. But it only works well when you have immense fan following on Insta.

8. Build Groups (Chris Brogan)

If Chris Brogan understands one thing in the world, it’s not social media marketing but building communities. That’s hugely vital as they have the potential to transcend a single network or platform.

He says that Facebook groups are the places where real things happen. The best thing you can do for your followers is to add something innovative into their lives, which can be of immense value to them. And this is something that brands can tap into.

Brogan’s point is that businesses can show that they care by providing a closely-knit forum where members can feel valued and interact easily. By doing so, you’re building a space for them (audience/customers) to feel greatly special.

9. Use Live Videos To Your Advantage (Alex York)

The age of instant content makes Facebook live a key tool for reaching your core audience, says Alex York from Sprout Social. Recent reports indicate that people who watch live videos comment 10 times more compared to those that are not live. By streaming live videos on a consistent basis, your business stands to garner more followers and prospects.

Starbucks is one company that’s making optimal use of facebook live. In September 2016, the company hit the streets to embrace their first live event at Rufus king park in Jamaica for national voter registration day.

The event involved the community and permitted viewers who wouldn’t otherwise be able to learn about the importance of the event and its cause. To top off, it received 173k views and 265 shares.

10. Share Link Posts (Kevan Lee)

The guys at buffer app did a small experiment for Adespresso, a powerful tool to manage and optimise your Facebook ad campaigns: they tested the best social media marketing advice to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Kevan and his team from buffer discovered that the way to win is to share link posts. You can also make use of various available social media scheduling tools.

The news feed algorithm of Facebook places prime importance to link posts as opposed to posts with just images or captions.

Surprisingly, the click-through rate went up by 10%.

11. Connect People (Amy Schmittauer)

If you want to get some terrific Facebook marketing insights, the best person to ask would be Amy SchmittAuer from Savvy Sexy Social.

Her tip: Introduce people to each other on a consistent basis. Learn to be a connector.

She claims that if you want to be recognised as an authoritative figure in your industry, it’s not just enough to know your product or service. The best business moves you can make is connecting people. By doing so, you’ll be portrayed as someone who knows the ins and outs of the industry.

You also add value to their careers and lives by connecting communities and resources and will be known as the person who knows everyone.

You may want to check out Amy’s short video on how to be a brilliant connector on Facebook.

12. Tell Stories (Aaron Lee)

People remember stories, and that’s what Aaron Lee, founder of Askaaronlee.Com suggests. The reason why stories work fabulously is that it’s personal and your followers will possibly have similar situations or stories that may be closely related. This enables you to connect with them on a personal level.

Ensure to share stories about your business and life on Facebook.

Quest nutrition gives a lot of emphasis on this. They share stories of weight loss from their customers as shown below.

13. Post Content In Different Formats (Leo Wildrich)

The shelf life of your Facebook post is shorter than you thought.

You’ll be amazed to know that 75% of the engagement on your posts takes place within the first 2 hours 30 minutes based on a study published by wise metrics.

Now that’s the only time frame for your carefully crafted posts to get noticed! And sometimes it can get worse, with 75% of your audience seeing your message in less than 2 hours.

Leo wildrich, the main guy behind buffer, got over this by posting the same content in different formats.

He has a strong word of advice: repurpose your content using the hub and spoke method.

Conceptually, you research, create and publish a main piece of content, which is the original hub, and then create multiple spokes that support the actual piece of content.

The hub content is published first and the spokes are published on a consistent basis 2 to 3 months down the line in different formats and channels.

Here’s an example of how vertical measures using this technique effectively.

By recycling posts in various formats, you’ll accomplish more with minimal effort.

13. Provide An Incentive To Your Fans (Jeff Bullas)

Facebook “likes” are equivalent to your email subscriber list, says Jeff bulla’s, a veteran content marketer.

The first step in getting more followers is to use incentives that resonate with your market. The better your offer, the greater the number of takers you will get.

Think of your target market. What do they want? How’s their lifestyle and what are their hobbies? Match all of these with an appropriate incentive. For instance, if your audience is into surfboards, make your incentive closely associated to beaches and surfing. On the other hand, if they are stressed out executives, the incentive should be connected to busy yet opulent lifestyles.

You can give them a free eBook for liking a page or entering a contest. Provide a reason for your fans to like your page and engage with your posts. You’ll soon see a huge number of followers and hopefully some prospects too.


If you’re not fully leveraging the power of Facebook, fear not. Most businesses haven’t yet figured it out. We suggest you implement the above strategies and try experimenting with new innovative ideas.

Though Facebook plays a major role in marketing your business and but keep Instagram also in mind. Before starting out on this second most sought after platform, its good to know 101 amazing facts about Instagram.

What are some other Facebook marketing tactics you’ve tried before? Please leave your comments below.

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