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By , Posted on 16th August, 2018 at 7:38 AM
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How Do You Find Your Customers’ Most Loved Social Platforms

Every few months, a new, hot social media platform hits the scene-Periscope, Blab, Foursquare and more. And for many marketers the conversation now has shifted from “Why to be on social media” to ” How to grow your blog traffic using social media?

With the total number of social media users slated to touch 2.77 billion by 2019, businesses need to be super active on these networks or else face the risk of falling out.

A major component of how to do social media, especially for businesses, is to find out on which social platforms your customers or prospects are concentrated. That’s mainly because you don’t derive any benefit in beating customers to the punch.

The bottom line here is that businesses should not lead, but follow their customers across various social channels.

Also, it doesn’t make sense to focus your social marketing efforts on platforms where your potential customers aren’t active.

But how do you find your customers’ favorite social media sites?

Here are a few hacks to do so:

1. Conduct Interviews With Your Prospects

The best and easiest technique to find out where your prospects hang on the internet is to directly ask them. Start by arranging informal interviews with your favorite customers or clients. You should learn “what is a cdp” to improve your customer service

Begin with writing a list of easy-to-answer and important questions and reach out to at least 10 people from your email list or social media following. Remember to keep the list short and target people you think of as your ideal or favorite customers and clients. You can also reach out to active community members who you think can give genuine feedback.

After you’ve compiled your list, call or email each person and set up an appointment to talk to them on the phone for 5 to 10 minutes and brief them about the questions you’ll be asking. Do not make it a lengthy interview.

The next step during the interview is to ask them about their adored social sites where they connect with their family, friends and colleagues, and where they normally share content.

Record every interview or take notes of the conversations, of course, with their permission. Do you know the social media platform dominated by women? It is no other than Instagram.

2. Conduct A Survey To Gather More Data

The most reliable information will come from customer and client interviews; however, it’s unfortunate that interviews normally don’t scale well.

So, to collect extra information, set up a survey, and make it brief and to-the-point. Once done, distribute it among your audience who visit your blog using social media . The information you gather from the interviews (as mentioned in step 1), can be used to build the survey questions.

The 4 important steps while conducting a survey are as follows:

  • Ask yourself for the reason behind the survey (in this case, it’s to know your audience’s social media platforms).
  • Pinpoint your target demographic.
  • Boost your survey sample size.
  • Choose the best time to send out the survey.

Try including relevant questions that will give you a better understanding of their social media behaviors.

 3. Gmail Stalking

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social platforms have incorporated important functionalities that enable you to see whether your contacts on Gmail are using the services. Even though this integration has been built for personal use, you can use it to bolster your business.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Create a list of your customer’s/client’s email addresses and build a .csv file. For this, you need only the email address and not the name or mailing address.
  • If you don’t have an account on Gmail, create one.
  • The next step is to upload the .csv file to Gmail.

gmail stalking screenshot

  • Next, head to Twitter and open a new account using your new Gmail address. You will see a prompt asking you to sync your contacts. Tap on that button (Find Friends). Twitter will automatically read the email address from your Gmail account, eventually allowing you to track them immediately.

twitter screenshot

  • Create a new Facebook account and click on “Find Friends.” Follow their simple instruction and there you have it-Bingo! Your entire customers/clients will be presented to you, and you’ll be able to connect with them without spending zero dollars on facebook.

facebook screenshot

As social platforms become even more interconnected, knowing how your customers can be connected is of paramount importance. Follow the Facebook Marketing tactics to reap the benefits entirely.

4. Find Similar Websites

This step involves doing a bit of competitive research.

Brainstorm and compile a list of 10 websites that serve the same customers you’re trying to reach. Make a Google doc or Excel spreadsheet to track all the important information. By doing so, everything remains intact and organized.

Think of referral partners or competitors’ sites, and then conduct a rapid online search to discover more sites. For instance, enter your “Topic+podcast” or “Niche+blog” into Google and hit the enter key. Check the search results and see if your audience is likely to spend time on those websites.

AllTop is a great tool to find similar sites. Just click from the many niches available on the top menu bar.

Let’s say you run a health blog. If you click on health, you’ll be presented with a list of top sites as shown below:

website screenshot

Next, click on at least 10 links and see where the content is most shared. This will give you a clearer understanding on where your target audience hangs online.

You can also use Buzzsumo for competitive research.

Enter your niche or topic in the search bar and click the “Search” button.

A quick search on “health” reveals the following:

dashboard screenshot

The next step is to find the social platforms users of those sites use to share the content. Click “view shares” on Buzzsumo to find this.

Study Your Target Social Platform To Ensure It Matches Your Customer’s Preferences

By now, you should have narrowed your potential options to at least two social platforms.

Now is the time to ensure that they’re a match made for your business, objectives and customers/clients. This step is greatly subjective and it’s basically a gut check test.

Look at the following steps while conducting this test:

Typical demographics of the chosen site

Most social platforms publish demographic information about their users, allowing you to see a detailed breakdown of the gender and age of the user.


Check the features of the social networking sites. For example, Pinterest and Instagram are heavily visual; so if you decide to market using these two platforms, the content that you create should be visual and appealing. Moreover, you should also be familiar with the interesting facts about Instagram.

Marketing objectives

Will the chosen platform help you achieve your content marketing objectives?

Here are some illustrations on how this can work for content marketers:

  • A food blogger focuses her social media marketing efforts on Pinterest since he may be targeting mothers wanting to prepare healthy food for their families. Also, since food is a common topic on the platform, it’s sensible to use it to reach the target audience.
  • A fashion blogger will fare better on Instagram since the image-based site is the perfect abode to exhibit his portfolio.
  • A B2B company selling software as a service (SaaS) will generate more leads if they chose LinkedIn

The examples above are just generalizations, and it may vary from business to business. A crucial thing to know is whom you’re trying to reach and conduct your own research to find the most feasible platform. Don’t forget to follow the Top 50 Digital Marketing Influencers who can bestow you with useful tips and tricks. Know what they do to keep their audience engaged.

5. Integrate Email And Social

Have you integrated the ability for your email list to share content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and elsewhere? Have you added email share buttons to your newsletters? If you send out routine emails, you have to integrate your email with your social right now.
Here’s an example from Sony.

sony landing page screenshot

Most quality email service companies like Aweber, GetResponse and MailerLite give you the option of integrating sharing tools. As a result, you can easily run a report which shows which of your readers shared the content on Facebook or clicked the Twitter link. You will thus know who is active on which social site.

Over To You Now

As a social media marketer, the best way to use social platforms is to find out where your prospects are and invest time accordingly. Don’t visit the places where they never go. When you carry out your research with due consideration based on the research, the results are strikingly better.

Wait Wait, I would like to shift your attention to another metric i.e. followers. Fellas no matter at which social media platform you are hanging, you apparently need a good number of people linked with you to take most advantage of your most preferred platform. Also make proper usage of Social Media Scheduling Tools which saves your time and effort.  Talking solely about Instagram, having an immense number of followers is equally important as other aspects.

If you don’t have much followers right now then don’t fret instead buy active Instagram followers from Digi SMM right away to leverage from Insta. After locating your clients, you need to implement such strategies that take your brand or business to new heights or start survey .

I would like to know.

What are the other strategies you use to find the favorite hanging place of your customers online?

Answer in the comments section below.

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