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By , Posted on 10th March, 2018 at 10:05 AM
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7 Hacks To Boost Your Blog Audience Using Social Media

Every Time You Write A New Post, The First Thing You Do Is To Share It On The Social Web. Well, That’s How You Build Readership And Gain More Followers And Likes.

Unfortunately, Most Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds Look Like A Graveyard-Zero Likes, IG Comments  Or Shares. That’s Because No One Showed You How To Use Social Media In The Right Way.

Getting People To Visit Your Blog Through Social Media Engagement Can Be A Complicated Affair, Particularly If You’re On A Tiny Budget And Have Already Tried Paid Advertising. Even Though Paid Social Can Boost Traffic To Your Website, It Takes Time And Effort For People To Go To Your Social Channels.

The Larger Your Presence On Social Media, The More You Can Rely On A Steady Flow Of Audience To Your Blog. There are few facebook marketing techniques that you can follow to boosten your Facebook fan page. But Before That….

How Do You Increase Social Media Traffic?

Your Social Media Traffic Increases When You Actively Engage And Foster Relationships On Every Network. By Being Easily Available For Brand Loyalists, Customers And Prospects, You Nurture These People Through The Buying Process.

Each Social Network Is A Unique Platform, But To Get An Imminent Boost In Your Social Traffic, You Need To Use The Best Tips And Tools.

A Very Important Tip….

Before Sharing Your Blog Posts, Infographics Or Case Studies, Put In Extra Effort To Make The Social Sharing Aspect Better. At The End Of The Day, Your Content Says Everything About Your Brand.

We Will Now Walk You Through 7 Tried And Tested Tips And Tools To Get The Attention Of Users To Your Blog From Social Media.

1. Entice Your Audience With Visuals

In Recent Years, The Importance Of Visual Content Is Increasingly Becoming Apparent To Business Owners. The Saying “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover” Seems Invalid In Social Media Since People Will Click Only On Those Content With Useful And Attractive Visuals. Content With Relevant Images, Infographics And Videos Will Represent major part of the internet traffic.

Also, Adobe’s Q4 2013 Index Clearly Shows That Social Media Posts With Attractive Visuals Get 650% More Engagement Compared To Text Posts.

Your Readers Want Visual Content To Make Their Purchasing Decisions Easy And Valid. When People Are Able To View A Product Demo Or Video, They Are 85% More Likely To Buy Than Simply Reading A Text Review, States Adobe’s Report.

Master Instagram

One Of The Ultimate Avenues For Videos Continues To Be Instagram. With More Than 95 Million Photos And Videos Shared Every Single Day, There’s Tremendous Competition. Even Then, If You’re Able To Create Attractive And Engaging Content On Instagram, You’ll Likely See A Difference. Additionally, women proudly rule this platform compared to men.  According To A Recently Published Article On Forbes, 60% Of Users Think That Instagram Is The Best Platform For Engagement.

Ensure That Your Visuals Tend To Include The Following:

  • Well-Designed Layouts And Vibrant Colors
  • High-Level Images
  • Visuals Showing Products Or Services In A New Way
  • Visuals Telling Stories

If You’re On A Tight Budget, You Can Use This Invaluable Resource To Find Free Images For Your Blog.

Here Are Some Ways On How You Can Create And Share Videos On Social Platforms That Will Eventually Boost Your Engagement:

  • Consider Entertainment, How-To, Response, Recruiting, Culture, Promotional, Behind-The-Scenes, Interview, Demonstration, And Customer Testimonials While Creating Videos.
  • For Facebook Engagement, The Ideal Video Length Is Approximately 90 Seconds And The Maximum Length For Twitter Direct Uploads Is 180 Seconds. So You Could Possibly Record One Video And Share It Across Numerous Networks, And Then Upload It To YouTube For Extra Exposure.
  • Facebook Suggests That If You Want To Keep Your Audience Engaged, You Should Start Storytelling Via Video.
  • Craft Your Social Media Message In A Way That Excites Your Fans To Watch Your Video. Remember That Emotion Drives Action.

Anyone who is in the field of Internet marketing, first look forward to Facebook to boost up their blog audience. Facebook holds enough treasure; you need to learn how to reap all the benefits. With time, the competition has become fierce so it’s really hard now to firm your place at FB. Like others, you are also striving to promote your business and clinch more sales and focus on CRO.

Before, everybody used to follow the organic approach but as soon as they come to know that its taking enough time, effort and money, they get fed up. You can’t overlook your desires. Now, what to do?

We got a treat for you. To dominate a specific niche, you can take the help of reseller panel whose sole aim is to provide you social media marketing services. There are many best smm reseller panels around the globe, but SMM Wave has its unique position due to the fact they work with full zeal and zest to satisfy the clients. Once you choose their services and make use of them, the blog audience will shoot up. It’s the best way to promote your blog hassle-free and make the best out of it. Get acquainted with nearly 101 facts about Instagram.

2. Make Your Content Easily Shareable

The Effectiveness Of Social Platforms Comes From Its Ability To Tap Into One Of The Most Intrinsic Desires Among Us-A Penchant To Share.

Here Are A Few Ways To Encourage Social Sharing:

Use Click To Tweet Links

Click To Tweet Is A Service That Permits You To Create Custom Tweets. Readers Just Have To Click On The Link And They’ll Be Guided To A Twitter Window Where They Can Easily Tweet Your Content. They Can Also Personalize And Edit The Message Before Tweeting.

Enable Pin It Buttons On Pictures

As Mentioned Above, Pinterest Is A Great Tool To Attract New Readers To Your Blog, Particularly If You’re Writing On Visual Topics Like Interior Design, Cooking, Crafts Or Beauty. It’s Not That Other Industries Cannot Drive Traffic Through This Marvelous Platform, So Don’t Write It Off If You’re Not A Beauty Or Food Blogger.

Check Out This Easy Guide On Enabling Pin It Button On Your Images.

Ensure To Use High Quality Images That’ll Propel People To Share On All Social Networks.

Optimize Your Title And Meta Description

Whenever A User Shares Your Blog Post On A Given Social Channel, The Site Automatically Pulls The Title And Meta Description For The Post. This Indicates That You Must Optimize This Information For Social Media. Keep Your Blog Post Headline Short And Catchy; Aim For Less Than 70 Characters. Readers Won’t Be Able To See The Full Title If It’s Too Long. When It Comes To The Meta Description, It Can Be Longer Than The Title But Try Retaining It Within 155 Characters.

3. Test Blog Post Titles

The Title Of Your Blog Post Can Make The difference Between It Being immensely Successful And Getting Very Few Visitors. With Tons Of Posts Being Shared On Social Media Every Minute, Your Title Needs To Stand Out Against The Crowd. Try Out Different Titles And Make Sure They Are Appealing And Encourage Readers To Click. You May Not Know That Changing A Blog Post Title Can Have A Huge Impact On Traffic, But It Can Essentially Indicate The Difference Between A Few Shares And Thousand Shares.

Begin By Choosing A General Topic Centered Around Important Challenges Faced By Your Readers. A Working Title Is A Broad Pitch Of What Your Topic Will Be. Craft A Title That Solves People’s Problems. Focus On Their Pain Points. Find Out What Kind Of Questions Readers Are Likely To Type In A Search Engine And Transform It Into An Answer. Brainstorm  Few Topics And Save Them In A Spreadsheet For Future Posts.

It’s Also Great To Turn One Idea Into Many. The Best Technique To Reuse One Single Idea Is To Move To A Different Personal. Another Way To Come Up With Impressive Titles Is To Sift Through Your Old Blog Posts And Find A Part Which Appears Interesting And See If You Can Go In Depth With It.

4. Use The Right Hashtags

Hashtags Play A Pivotal Role In Your Content’s Visibility. By Using Them The Right Way, You Can Gain More Likes, Shares, Additional Followers, Eventually Improving Traffic To Your Blog. When You Use Relevant Hashtags In Your Social Media Posts, People Who Are Searching For Those Particular Keywords Can Find Your Updates And Tweets, And Can Easily Follow You.

A Perfect Example Is Subway’s #JanuANY Campaign. The Hashtag Has Two Major Ingredients- Distinctiveness, Easy To Track And Remembered By Fans.

Image Source
Here Are Some Pointers While Creating Hashtags:
  • Find Out Hashtags Your Influencers Are Using.
  • Find Suitable Cross-Platform Hashtags.
  • Find Trending Hashtags In Your Industry.
  • Drill Down To Find Specific Hashtags.
  • Use Online Tools.

Here Are 14 Powerful Hashtag Tools That Can Help You Choose, Create And Track Your Hashtags For Unlimited Success. Check Out This In-Depth Guide On Using The Right Hashtag From Coschedule. A Great Hashtag Is Unique, Memorable And Relevant To Your Campaign.

5. Tag Other Bloggers And Influencers You’ve Mentioned In Your Social Messages

It’s a Human Nature To Seek Recognition For Doing Something Fantastic. So Make It A Point To Tag Relevant Influencers In Every Social Message You Create. A Latest Report By Tap Influence, An Influencer Marketing Automation Platform, States That Content That Mentions Influencers Gains Roughly 11times More ROI Than Other Forms Of Digital Marketing. Here Are Few Ways To Engage Friends, Influencers, Bloggers And Fans On Your Social Platform.

Build A Quote Graphic Using A Tool Like Canva. You Can Also Choose To Design With Photoshop. Try Tagging The Person (Maybe  a facebook marketing influencer) You Quoted Or The Organization They Are Associated with in your Social Message. You Can Easily Search For Their Business On Facebook profile Or Their Twitter Handle.

You Can Also Refer Other People’s Amazing Content When You Publish Your Own Articles, Podcasts, Episodes And Videos. Write A Note Of Thanks To These People By Tagging Them In Your Message With A Link Back To Your Content. This Way They’ll Recognize Your Hard Work And Like Or/And Share The Post.

Whenever A Guest Blogger Writes For Your Blog, Tag Them In Your Social Messages. They’ll Get To Experience The Comments, Shares And Likes, Which Will Make Them Feel Good And Corroborate On The Fact That Writing For You Was Indeed A Wise Decision.

Consistently Get Audience Feedback On What To Create Next. And When You Create The Content, Share It With The Same People Who Gave You Such Brilliant Ideas And Tag Them In Your Social Messages.

6. Be Active And Engaged

Another Impressive Way Of Growing Your Followers Is By Actively Engaging With Them On Social Channels. While This Involves Having Fun With Your Followers, Showing Them That You’re Listening Is A Fantastic Way To Get Them To Trust Your Business.

Hold Contests

Social Media Contests Can Be A Brilliant Way To Not Only Bring Traffic To Your Business, But Have A Massive Payoff Later In The Form Of Conversions and leads. Contests On Social Media Can Give You Improved Visibility, Especially When You Require Participants To Use A Specific Hashtag In Their Entry Or Entail Them To Share A Post To Their Followers And Friends. Another Way By Which Contests Can Grow Your Audience Is That You Give People The Ability To Opt Into Your List, Which Gives You Permission To Email Them. And Sending Out Personalized Emails Can Dramatically Boost Your Traffic.

Follow Up On Negative Reviews

Negative Reviews Don’t Indicate The End Of Your Business. In Fact, You’ll Gain Some Loyal Customers If You Rightly Respond To Those Reviews. You will also come to know which platform your clients love the most, it will help you align your goals accordingly.  If Someone Leaves An Annoying Review On Your Facebook Page, Be Sympathetic With The Person And Make Things Right. By Acting Judiciously, You Can Change The Mind Of The Person And Raise Your Image In The Eyes Of Others.

7. Schedule Your Messages To Be Posted At The Best Time To Boost Your Reach

For Every Platform, There Are Certain Times Of The Day When Users Are Most Active. If You Schedule Your Social Messages To Be Posted At Peak Hours, The Probability Of Boosting Your Blog Audience Multiplies.

Here’s Quicksprout’s Detailed Infographic That Suggests The Best Times To Post On Your Favorite Social Media Websites.

SourceBut Don’t Take Our Word For It. Test The Data To See For Yourself. Quick Sprout Witnessed A Boost In Social Media Traffic By 39% When Posted During These Times. And Bloggers Like Dan Zarrella Have Seen Similar Results.

How Do You Pick The Right Social Media Scheduling Tools?

Not All Social Media Scheduling Tools Are Built Equal. Also Every Business Has Its Own Unique Needs. Marketers Are Craving For Tools That Simplify Their Marketing Efforts While Keeping Them Away From Switching Between Hundreds Of Software Solutions.

Bufferapp Has Combined A List Of The 25 Social Media Management Tools For Businesses Of All Sizes. You May Like To Check Out This Case Study On How Famous Marketer Jeff Bullas Uses AgoraPulse To Tweet 90 Times A Day And Gain Thousands Of Followers.

Wrapping It Up

Boosting Your Blog Audience From Social Media Requires An Amalgamation Of Tweaks To Your Posts And Being Able To Address The Grievances Of Readers. At The Same Time, You Got To Keep A Close Watch On Your Social Media Stats To Have A Better Understanding Of Which Content Is Performing Well And How You Can Use It To Improve Your Overall Social Media Management. Have You Tried Any Other Technique In Your Social Media Strategy? We’d Love To Hear Your Thoughts In The Comments Section Below.

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