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By , Posted on 10th March, 2018 at 10:04 AM
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6 Reasons Why Women Are Dominating Instagram

Instagram’s popularity has been on the rise since it first launched way back in 2010. With over 1 Billion active users, it’s the second most popular social platform in the world, behind Facebook. According to a recent study conducted by Comscore, a firm that measures internet traffic, 42% of the platform’s 108 million unique visitors were male while the remaining 58% were female. The double-digit disparity has remained pretty consistent over the last few years. Hopper, an automated instagram scheduling tool, found that women receive five times more Instagram likes compared to their male counterparts on the mega social platform. The company perused 4,000 accounts for this survey and discovered that the average number of likes on women’s posts stood at 578 while those published by men hit just 117 per post.

The report also found that women get roughly 170 comments per post than men at 113. Furthermore, hopper revealed that men are 10 times more likely to comment or/and like on the posts of females than those of other men. Only 13% of the likes and comments on men’s content were from other male users.

This doesn’t indicate that men don’t use Instagram but slightly more women than men have an account on the site, says Roselina Coppala, former student of marwick’s. It’s apparent that young women dominate the platform in general. Let’s now look at 6 important reasons why women love Instagram more than men.

1. Fantastic visuals

Instagram is highly visual. It gives you the power to modify your appearance in such a way that can be compared to makeup and other high-end beauty products. With the most mainstream users on Instagram, we see extremely conventional beauty standards and aesthetics, says Alice marwick, a top social media researcher at Fordham university. And it’s this focus on appearance that seems to be attracting the fairer sex to the site.

Also, the main function of the platform is to share photos, which are enhanced through brilliant built-in filters that do everything from making colors pop and intensifying shadows, ultimately placing a strong emphasis on the way things look.

Perfect 365 is a great app whose tagline reads “create a world of beauty” and is used by Kim Kardashian west. She is reported to use the app to change some of the images she posts to over 115 million followers. Talking about followers, they serve as the bedrock of your profile. Without threshold number of fans, you won’t be able to do anything worthwhile. If same is the case with you then you can right now purchase real Instagram followers to pull more traffic on every post or host podcast and hence more visibility.

Apps like visagelab, modiface and facetune can remove zits and red eye besides whitening teeth with the click of a button. Of course, men use these apps as well; however, girls are told that they will be respected for their appearance according to Rachel simmons, who writes extensively on how young women can feel confident and flattered.

You may like to check out this Handy guide to learn all about the best Insta photo editing tools

2. Massive presence of cosmetic brands on Instagram

A recent report on fashion week 2016 indicated that cosmetics brands were generating massive engagement on Instagram. As any active Instagram user knows, the site is a haven for beauty brands, which often try to target women to purchase their products and clothes via different payment methods

Benefit cosmetics, which boasts of 8.2 million massive followers on Instagram, is part of a flourishing number of beauty and fashion brands that are betting their dollars and additional resources on Instagram over other social media platforms loved by customers.  Compared with social sites like Pinterest, the impact on Instagram is higher and it’s really a top priority, states Claudia allywood, director of digital marketing for the brand in the us.

Benefit is not alone in the race. Estee lauder witnessed a dramatic follower jump and rise in blog traffic after it decided to partner with model Kendall Jenner on the platform. A spokesperson for the company states that their customers and beauty aficionados love the site because of its easy-to-consume and visual nature.

Brand posts vary from product posts, videos to photo shoots, but one thing they all have in common is high-quality visuals. Companies like smash box invest heavily into their Instagram images.  Don’t forget to grow your audience on Facebook as well because it also holds good potential.

And women get hypnotized by all the sparkly, stunning feeds and fall deeper and deeper into a hole that’s so seductive that they just have to buy something which in turn help you generate more leads.

3. Make up tutorials

Makeup and beauty make a lot of sense on Instagram. After all, it’s a social platform that mainly focuses on the visual aspect. The site can be compared to a miniature google that’s exploding every millisecond. Between attempting to apply fake lashes and whacking a perfectly tipped winger liner, a woman can feel overwhelmed with techniques, trends and products. Finding the perfect makeup teacher who speaks your skin tone, style and product preferences can be a daunting task. But not any more since Instagram is rapidly becoming the encyclopaedia of fashion and beauty. Moreover, there are number of facts about Instagram that you should keep in mind while strengthening your profile here.

Endless scrolling through Instagram accounts of favorite makeup artists is the best way to relax, especially for women while getting some makeup tips. Whether it’s a bold brow play-by-play using brow and lash tint by or how to nail the perfect contours, short video tutorials posted by makeup gurus on Instagram keep women constantly pressing the replay button and taking mental notes for their next beauty looks. Paying close attention to these tutorials leaves viewers enthralled by the talents of the artists. These videos also serve as a huge motivating factor to have fun with that bright lipstick or that barely touched eye shadow palette. Check out and read more on different beauty tips and makeup hacks to make your Instagram posts even better!

Very often, these videos start from being practical and realistic-foundation, brush, bronzer, lip stuff, eye stuff to rocket science, which is why women can’t take their eyes off them. On WomenPremiumBeauty you can find the best solutions for your beauty concerns.

4. Competition

Women normally take notice of and are deeply concerned with their image (at least more than men), which makes Instagram a strong hub for female engagement. According to Simmons, everyone wants to be the best-looking girl in the room and Instagram provides the perfect platform where women can enter the competition every day. The internet has been known to be a terrific democratizer, and this is what Instagram has done-allowing women to enter the beauty pageant. It comes as no surprising fact that teen girls spend a huge amount of effort and time on reputation and management on the platform, trying to maintain the required stream of flattering comments on other girl’s selfies. Besides being widely popular as a way to trade images of friends and pets, Instagram is a hotbed for thousands of young girls submitting their best photos for others to judge.

Its relatively good to follow top Digital Marketing ninjas and Facebook Marketing influencers to know what they are doing to keep up with the pace.

Their selfies, which completely document their life, scream for validation immediately. Many women literally post 5 to 6 selfies every day in different stages of the day only to rake in hundreds of likes. When a girl posts seductive images of her on Instagram, she immediately attracts attention and of course, envy from her peers. And the social platform has many filters to enhance image quality-whether it’s increasing the saturation to make the eyes appear blue or making someone’s avocado toast pop against a pink background. Teens often post notes asking viewers to “like” their posts and become followers.

5. Active celebrities

Instagram isn’t just a platform where you can see what your friends are eating for dinner anymore. Famous celebrities are leveraging on the popular photo and video sharing app. Celebrity Instagram accounts have become a rage these days. Most of them use the website to document their entire lives and don’t mind posting multiple times a day. This gives an asymmetrical feeling of intimacy and bonding.

Some of the most followed celebrities on instagram are James franco, Snoop dogg, Dwayne johnson, Kim kardashian an Ariana grande among others.

It’s no surprise that women are notoriously obsessed with celebrities. In fact, many women know more about the personal lives of celebs than they do about those of their family members and friends.

Whenever a woman comes across whom she finds interesting on the app, she makes it a point to find more information about that person. Consequently, she feels a more intimate connection and does everything to get more attention from that particular celebrity. In such a case, Instagram acts as a great tool to know more about a celeb. The attraction gets magnified when she finds something in common with a celeb, like as one getting engaged, having kids or experiencing loss at the same time.

6. Flawless Selfies

In the age of Selina Gomez and Ariana Grande, the idea of looking flawless is imperative on most photo-sharing sites. And Instagram has plenty of filters that can fine tune everything related to your image. These include slimming down thighs, blurring away forehead wrinkles and filling in sparse eyebrows to name a few. This is also one of the main factors why women are obsessed with Instagram.

While the likes of Kardashian makes selfie-taking an easy task, many know that it takes tremendous patience and a huge amount of savvy editing for your pictures to appear like a Hollywood style selfie. From among all the available filters, the “red filter” is the most used as it subtly intensifies your makeup and enhances your features, eventually giving you a tremendous beauty boost without appearing super-edited.

You get tanned, sleek and contoured photos just at the click of a button.

Final Thoughts

Instagram has always remained a predominantly female platform and it’s onerous for male-focused influencers or brands to build a huge following and Reach intended audience using social media platform. However, it doesn’t appear gloomy for men as they can use all the necessary tools and create content that can help to connect with their audiences. It’s not always about mind-blowing photos, great posts, and the right hashtags. Savvy men like Kevin hart, the Rock and Neymar go beyond these to work to their advantage.

Do you have any other reasons on why women dominate instagram? We’d love to hear in the comments section below. you can make new website from web development company.

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