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By , Posted on 9th April, 2018 at 5:50 AM
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5 Easy Ways To Grow Your Facebook Fans For Zero Dollars

Ever since opening their doors to the public in 2004, Facebook has been growing on a massive scale in media, advertising and our culture. In fact, according to a recent report released on 31 January 2018, Facebook has 1.4 billion daily active users on an average.The world bank states that the global population is under 7.5 billion, indicating a little over 17% logs into Facebook every day.


That is a huge number of people paying attention. Those humungous number of eyes could well be on your business, but Facebook makes it an uphill task for businesses to deliver their content to users. And this is something which should be respected or else your news feed would be packed with crappy content.

Why people visit Facebook?

Facebook remains the most used social media platform and people visit the site for many reasons-to make new friends, reconnect with old ones, share pictures, connect with like-minded people, grow their business and drive more traffic , and buy products or services among other things.

Most business owners on a limited marketing budget wonder how they can boost their fan page reach without having to spend a leg and an arm.

But that’s possible, and we will be doing exactly that in this detailed post.

1. Fill Your Page With Complete Details And Optimize Your Profile

The first step looks obvious, but it’s something many businesses fail to leverage on.

If you fill the basics only, you’ll be missing a huge share of your Facebook leads.

Try adding tons of information to your Facebook business page including your website URL, Twitter handle, Phone number, Email, Photos, Videos, Job openings, and any other relevant thing.

Ensure to add the bio section with as much captivating and to the point information as possible.

Fill out the following details:

  • About section
  • URL
  • Profile picture and cover photo
  • Address (If you have a physical office)
  • Long description and mission
  • Email address and/or phone number
  • Create several updates so that there is more content on the page

While entering the information mentioned above must include key terms related to your business. These should be the terms people type in the address bar of Facebook.

Social media examiner suggests using a brandable or iconic profile picture, so users will instantly recognise your brand.

Here’s an example from ThreadLess


Leverage on your current friends and ask for likes

We are not talking about your high school friends or family members to like your page.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Ask LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram followers (give link to homepage) to follow your brand on Facebook.
  • Add a compelling CTA in your new newsletter asking your mailing list to join you on Facebook.


Leverage on your current friends and ask for likes

  • Place your Facebook URL at the bottom of your signature and to print media like brochures and business cards.
  • Add a Facebook button on your website.

2. Spy Your Competitors’ Pages

If you have followed the above steps, you should have at least a dozen followers by now.

Now comes the actual task of garnering more fans by sharing useful posts which your readers will love and in return getting more likes on Facebook page.

Use Facebook insights to track user interaction on your page, including finding your audience, what times they are online, what posts they interact with and much more.

It’s free to use and can be seen at the top of your page. This tool can be of tremendous help in knowing what your audience loves and create content accordingly.

An intelligent way to come up with content ideas that can get you more followers is by exploring the “pages to watch” section.

To do this, click on “insights” and then on “overview”. If you scroll down the page, you will find the “pages to watch” section.

Here is what it looks like.



You will see a list of pages that are similar to yours. Try adding up to 10 pages to your list. Once you do that, you’ll be able to see the pages and find the posts that are performing well.


You will see what has worked well for your competitors and now is the time to leverage on that data to engage your followers. Here’s how you can do it well:

  • Find out the most engaging posts for the top five competitors.
  • Make a list of key terms and topics that resonates with your fans.
  • Search for the key terms and topics on google you listed in the above step.
  • Scout your site for similar content.
  • Schedule the posts you find on your website and on google to publish to your page.

This is also a creative way to get some inspiration on creating content for your website. Consequently, you’ll be translating Facebook engagement into your website traffic.

And schedule your posts to go live when your audience is active. Also, invite people who engage on your posts to like your page and leave likes on Facebook Photo/Post as well.

The bottom line here is to tailor content specific to your audience.

3. Try Facebook Live

Facebook live is a newer feature that allows you to use the camera on your computer or phone to post a live video from your page.

Heineken used Facebook live to feature live concerts and steer online participation with its music campaign, enhancing brand value among music lovers in Taiwan.

This resulted in a 4% boost in sales and a brand equity score of 8.66.

Follow these tips while live streaming.

⦁ Schedule and promote broadcast

Try getting more viewers before the broadcast. Schedule a date and time and let your fans know beforehand. Furthermore, send promotional stuff on your other social profiles, to your email lists, and mention it on your website too. After you go live, the Facebook algorithm tries to gather a crowd. Your audience will get notifications but, in many cases, it may take someone a few minutes to receive the notification and miss out a lot. But that should not be a deterrent to get into the great stuff right away. Even if someone misses it, they can also go back and watch.

⦁ Write an engaging and thorough description

Having a clear description in your promotional stuff and live videos solves two main problems. First, potential viewers exactly know what they can expect from the live stream. Secondly, newcomers can immediately jump in without getting confused.

Here’s one example from the sales lion.

Notice how the team has put up a clear picture of the main takeaways and what a user can gain from tuning into it.

⦁ Encourage interactions with your viewers

Keeping your viewers involved with the live stream is crucial. Start acknowledging them from the moment they engage with your video. Make an honest attempt to interact with everyone. In some cases, there may be too many viewers, and it may not be possible to respond to everyone, but your audience will know you’re doing your best. In the end, ask them to share the broadcast; so those who have missed can watch it from the start.

4. Create Content That’s Easily Shared

This may sound a simple strategy, but it’s not.

Crafting posts which your fans love is the number one challenge faced by marketers today. You got to know your audience, their likes, how much they want to know about your services/products, what they’re thinking about, and a dozen other variables.

So what type of content gets shared the most by non-Facebook fans?

Remember, we are trying to gather more likes on our Facebook business page.

⦁ Posts based on what people are thinking about

The best practice for creating shareable content is to tap into what people are thinking about. This can be anything, from trending events to holidays and even seasons.

Here’s what Walmart posted on international women’s day.

One point to note here: Photos of your employees can be a fantastic way to showcase your brand’s personality.

⦁ Posts from your community

Whenever you feature quotes, images or videos from your existing customers or fans, you put them on the forefront. But first, get their permission to do so and mention them in the post. In return, they’ll share their excitement about being featured by you.

Below is an example from rei, an outdoor and sporting goods company.

⦁ Quotes

Posts with quotes will likely drive a share from your existing followers to a non-follower. People love sharing insightful quotes on social media, and they are a terrific way for you to reach an entirely new audience.

Here’s an example from the post planner.

⦁ Posts on breaking news and exclusives

Users move with the speed of light while sharing breaking news on Facebook. More than 44% of Facebook users in the US get their news from the platform. However, the sharing can be fragmented as there are hundreds of posts on the same news.

When TMZ shared the suicide news of musician Chester Bennington, it garnered over 7 million Facebook engagements.

5. Interact With Other Companies

Do you know that you can engage with other brands as your business page on Facebook? This can be a creative way to build awareness among your competitors and followers, but many business owners are unaware of this.

Visit your business page and click on “edit page” in your admin panel. Next, select “use Facebook as your page.”

Finding like-minded companies to interact with and like has been made super easy now. Use graph searches to search for pages, places, companies, events etc. and like the pages. Once you’ve liked the pages, you can see their timeline and engage with them. And if you add some value to your comments, it’s likely that the company will follow you back. And their engagement on your page will help you gather “likes” among their followers.

Final Thoughts

Facebook fans are not simply a vanity metric. A meticulously crafted Facebook audience can be used to drive traffic and leads to your company’s website and boost sales.

Paying for “likes” on a tiny budget is also one way to get more Facebook followers, and it can work to your utmost benefit.

Now that you know how to get more likes to your Facebook page, it’s time to ensure that you use all of them.

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