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By , Posted on 10th April, 2018 at 12:12 PM
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4 Ways To Grow Your Blog Traffic With Social Media

Many of us think that SEO is the de facto method of generating traffic to a website. Many new website owners, in particular, hope to generate a ton of traffic with this approach. However, more often than not they fail to get traffic or ranking and kill their own site by spamming it with links.

This is something that you’d despise.

It’s pertinent to diversify the traffic coming to your website and not purely dependent on Search Engine Optimization. This is because if your primary traffic source fails, it could indicate the end of your business.

We are now going to show you some of the possibilities other than SEO to get viral traffic to your website.

But, before that, let’s find out why you should not solely rely on SEO.

Why search engine traffic sucks?

There are two reasons for this:

  • It takes plenty of time to get traffic from Google, and you’ll have an uphill battle, especially if your blog is brand new.
  • It’s difficult to predict changes to google algorithm and knowing the reasons behind these changes. A simple panda update can lower your blog’s ranking and can drastically decrease your online revenue

1. Leverage on Facebook groups

Do you want to know the ultimate technique to build a strong community around your blog and fetch more audience using social media.

It’s something you’re already familiar with…

It’s on Facebook.

Love it or hate it, but Facebook is a great blessing bestowed by the community-building gods.

Need proof?

With 68% of the online population in US using Facebook alone, it’s difficult to imagine a better hangout.

A recent survey states that an average user on Facebook spends one-sixteenth of his waking time on the platform.

Now, you might be thinking that creating a Facebook page and posting your latest articles or updates might open the floodgates to traffic or promote your blog.

You are wrong…

Ever since Facebook modified their algorithm, your posts are visible only to a tiny fraction of your audience, unless you get your posts sponsored.  So, building a community through your Facebook business page can become expensive and exhaustive.

That’s why agile bloggers are making a shift from Facebook page to some another unique feature to grow their Facebook Fans For Zero Dollars.

And that’s building solid Facebook groups.

Here are some pointers on creating an ideal Facebook group and drive traffic to your website.

⦁ Decide on the focus of your Facebook group

This is a question that inevitably comes up while creating a Facebook group.

Should your group focus around your blog or around a wider subject matter, which is often related to the goals of group members?

Creating a group focused on the goals of your audience or the wider subject matter indicates a weaker connection between your blog and the community. The conversations do not focus on your content but have the power to reach a massive audience. On the other hand, a group that focuses on your blog can exclude your wider prospect pool.

The entrepreneur incubator is a terrific example of a group that focuses on the objectives of a target audience.

The NEW Screw the Nine to Five Community is a group that fosters conversations between existing members of the blog.

There’s no right or wrong way, however, finding the answer to this question will help you set up the group.

⦁ Be clear with your description

Try making your description as brief as possible so that users who hit your group outside of your website can easily find out whether they have found the perfect place to hang out or not.

State the reasons behind the existence of the group and what’s it about.

The unsettle Facebook group clearly states the vision and goals of the group as shown below.

Another point worth mentioning while creating a Facebook group is to use the right keywords or “tags” so that people can easily find you. For instance, if you own a blog about CrossFit, the most suitable tags would be ““CrossFit,” “get active”, and “fitness.”

⦁ Getting the ball rolling

After you’ve got some members, you need to train them to be active. Post some thought-provoking questions so that the members instantly start a conversation. Instead of sending an email on your latest blog, post a link to the article and ask a question related to the post. This way, members will naturally begin to come alive. Interact with your audience, give a warm welcome to new members and ask for their suggestions on how to help each other.

Let the conversations develop naturally and don’t try to be a dictator. It’s always not necessary that you agree on what others have to say and allow the conversations to fold organically.

At this point, it’s essential to ask members if they have anything to be addressed. Tag them in a post when the series goes live. Not only will they get a sense of pride, but will also help you reach your target audience easily.

This certainly won’t be the end of your traffic worries, but it will surely help you get things off the ground and add one extra step to your normal traffic garnering routine.

But all the above said things are only possible if you have enormous members who have joined your group and are even active most of the times. So focus on fetching attention of more people and Find Your Customers’ Most Loved Social Platforms.

2. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a useful tool to get in front of your audience, gain traffic and enhance your SEO ranking in a secure and cost-effective way. It earns you backlinks, which can boost your SEO ranking as long as the blog where your guest post is shared remains of high quality.

Security is a huge concern for any business-whether you have 20 clients or 200—and that means you need to do everything possible to prevent hacking, identity theft, and the loss of other sensitive materials to cybercriminals. With the help of the experienced cybersecurity consultant like, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll receive proper guidance and be able to implement the appropriate security measures to mitigate these common risks.

When I first started my online business, guest blogging helped me promote my mobile apps, and got the word out quickly. It works, try out.

Follow this 4-step blueprint used by the top guest bloggers.

A natural approach to find guest posting opportunities is to type

  • keyword + “write for us.”
  • keyword + “become a contributor.”
  • keyword + “contribute.”
  • keyword + “guest blogging.”

The next thing is crafting a compelling piece of content for the intended site.

There are three techniques to generate guest post ideas:

One popular approach is to use buzzsumo to find trending topics that are being shared the most. Also don’t forget to learn facebook marketing techniques from these 14 social media influencers.

Buzzsumo can also be used to search the site where you want to guest post on. Look at the topics they’ve covered and check the quality of the content.

The second way is you can write something very similar or better than what already exists.

The third option involves writing something based on personal experience. For instance, you could write a case study on what you’ve managed to achieve.

When creating such a piece, it’s imperative that you write something on “how to” for the audience so that they can get similar results.

Twitter can be a great place to grab guest blogging opportunities. You need to work in a smartly. A simple search for the phrase “Looking guest bloggers” can reveal a lot.

If a Twitter search doesn’t suit your needs, you can use the following tools:

Even though Matt Cutts once declared that guest blogging is dead, it’s still a match made in heaven regarding Traffic and SEO as long as you are posting on high-ranked sites.

Have you heard of Danny Inny?

He’s the person behind firepole marketing, a blog that now generates over seven figures income annually.

And he did this literally through guest posting.

blogposts graph

In his first year, he wrote over 80 guest posts and took the blog from zero visitors per month to more than 23,000.
Would you like to check Danny’s complete guide on guest blogging?

3. Find influential people in your niche

This traffic tip is huge.

Unless and until you describe your target audience as “influential journalists and bloggers,” they will never share your content.

There’s a simple reason for this:

It’s not necessary for your target audience to run blogs in your niche.

Out of the many techniques to find influential people, we have listed the top two.

Social Media

Use social sites directly to find leaders in the industry and the Top Digital Marketing Influencers who are ruling the industry.

⦁ Twitter

The first step is to use the search function to find influencers in your niche. Follow hashtags to find out which ones they are using and how engaging they are.

Using Twitter, find the top people who write on your niche. On the results page, you can see the top publications, bloggers, and writers that are talking about your keywords and writing content around it.

⦁ Facebook

Facebook is the ultimate resource to find influencers. Learn to make use of social media scheduling tools to save time and efforts.  Find out people with a high fan base. You can do so by looking at their “talking about” numbers. The next step is “liking” their page or adding them as a friend. Engage with their relevant posts and join the groups they’ve joined.

⦁ LinkedIn

Linkedin is one of the best places to find influencers and grab more leads which turn to sales.

Search for them using the search box.  A search for food allergies reveals the following:

Send them a connection request and then like, comment and share their posts. Join LinkedIn groups they belong to.

⦁ Instagram

Though I didn’t mention emphasized much but Instagram is also one of the most prominent platforms after Facebook to surmount your brand or business. Women dominate Instagram more when compared to men ratio.  But at Insta, only one metric plays the most crucial role that will either make or break everything.

If you are already done with implementing wide range of techniques and still unable to make out something, then fella now is the time to focus your attention to somewhere else.

Do you know what you want?

Think for a while…

No idea…

Then let me tell, it is FOLLOWERS  immense number of fans. Without a good number of followers, you won’t be able to take enough advantage of what Instagram holds for you. Initially, everyone juggles with the organic techniques, but after a while, they come to know that it’s futile.

As the social media marketing is evolving day by day, many SMM sites are coming up to serve their clients with any services related to social media. Here at Digi SMM also, we bestow you with followers, Instagram likes, views, and comments for all sought after social media platforms.

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Leverage enough out of your intended social platform without wasting any more time. Its always better to be familiar with the amazing facts about instagram.

Social influence metrics

Social influence metrics are slowly gaining massive importance in social media marketing. These tools crawl through social media platforms and then collate and analyze interactions. Following this, they rank people, businesses and organizations based on their social influence.
You can find dozens of such tools to find and measure social media authority.
The big three metric sites are:

⦁ Klout

Started in 2008, Klout is the best source for most social media influence measurements. It measures more than 400 metrics from activity on ten social sites like LinkedIn, Facebook. Twitter, Google+, your own blog and the Klout site itself.

⦁ PeerIndex

Similar to Klout, PeerIndex uses its own algorithms to measure influential personalities/businesses in different niches. It breaks down the level of influence more granularly in every niche and displays who the influencers are influencing.

⦁ Kred

Kred is a comprehensive tool that allows you to find important influencers, find out about your competitors, and gain actionable insights. The best thing about this tool is that it measures outreach activity and provides you with this data in an easy-to-read format.

The cool thing about influencer marketing is that even if you have a brand new blog, you can use it to gain reach among industry leaders in your niche. This technique can drive tons of hit to your blog and improve your overall social influence.

Remember that influencers play a crucial role in reaching your audience, so learning how to connect with them is a key factor in your online marketing strategy and that includes driving traffic to your blog.

4. Online advertising

Online ads can immediately generate hundreds and sometimes even thousands of clicks to your website.

The effectiveness of online ads is so huge that in the US alone, digital ad spends to touch $123.29 Billion by 2021, according to eMarketer.
The big challenge lies in finding an effective media platform to generate the best ROI from your ads.

There are two things in general that you need to focus on while creating ads:

  • The design of the ad
  • The target audience

You can create a swipe file, which is a record of captivating ads that has compelled you to take immediate action.

Thankfully, with innovations like lookalike audiences, targeting your ads has now become comparatively easier.

The way you target your ads will have an impact on your ad spend. This holds true, especially for Facebook.

When running ads, test how the add will work for you by first plunking down $5 to $10 a day then monitor the results. Following this, work on improving certain metrics like email signups and profits. Make it a point to experiment with different ad platforms available out there.
If you want to advertise for a B2B and reach top decision makers in the industry, LinkedIn should be your best choice since 80% of LinkedIn members can greatly influence the decisions made within their organization.
Instagram might be a better alternative if you’re planning to advertise mainly to the B2C sector.
Bloom and wild achieved a 62% growth in bouquet orders because of their Instagram ads.


That’s it

You now have some solid strategies for traffic generation in your arsenal. All these techniques have been designed to attract quality leads and not just anyone who might stumble upon your website.

I would like to know, which strategy you found the best out of all?


Have you tried any other traffic generation strategy?

If so then answer us in comments.

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