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By , Posted on 10th April, 2018 at 11:47 AM
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4 hacks to generate leads from social media

Are sites like Facebook and Instagram meant for people to watch cat videos or browse family photographs? Yes, since these are some of the things that many users do on social platforms.

But there’s another category that believes in taking up their marketing efforts to a whole new level with social media. You heard it right.
Social media marketing efforts have mainly focused on using social media to build a brand. But social media isn’t only a branding tool. It can be used effectively to generate high-quality leads, boost your blog audience and drive sales.

In this post, we’ll show you 4 proven tactics on how to generate leads from social media.

1. Drive Social Media Users to Your Blog

Sometimes the idea of driving traffic to your blog to generate leads can work well, especially if you have an awesome conversion funnel.

There might be few issues  in this case. And that’s how do you get traffic to your blog and know on which platform your customers spend most of their time?

The solution lies in leveraging your social channels to promote targeted blog posts. Try pitching them valuable offers and downloads to lure them. Readers will be much more likely to trade their emails after reading a useful and informative 3,000-word blog post.

Some tips to improve the structure of your post for higher shares and traffic, which can convert into leads are as follows:

⦁ Use visual content to entice readers

Visual content like images, videos and gifs draw more attention than just text-based updates. Due to this reason, instagram is dominated by women as compared to men.

So, use visual content generously in your social media posts. After all, you want users to stop, scroll and click on your posts.

Boston sports clubs provides link to their blog with a captivating visual along with an attractive offer.


The featured image uses bold colors and clear typography. Also, paying $5 for a monthly membership is an irresistible deal. Keeping in mind the techniques of facebook marketing can also prove beneficial in the long run.

⦁ Use short and concise updates

A recent Microsoft consumer study reveals that human attention span is 8 seconds. On social media, the attention span is even shorter, which is why you need to save long-form posts for your blog.

Twitter has an integrated 140-character word limit and you can do the same for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms.

Red Bull’s Facebook updates are brief, containing no more than six or seven words but their focus is on visuals.

⦁ Use hashtags

Using hashtags, the right way, you can attract an audience who is not actually a follower of the brand, particularly if it’s a trending topic that others are looking for.

Use a site like hashtagify to find relevant hashtags in your niche. Alternatively, find out what’s trending on social platforms and craft your hashtags around it. The place where hashtags play a most prominent role is Instagram and here on every post bunch of relevant hashtags can be found that let the post rank high and even get featured in trending. It can also help you gain immense followers on Instagram.

But let me clarify, there is even no point of updating impressive posts with a bunch of hashtags if you are unable to garner enough likes on it. If no one is paying attention to your posts, then there is no point in wasting time.

Don’t you think you need to do something now?

Well, do you know want to know how to fetch more and more likes on your posts?

The benefits linked with more likes is that people will believe that the posts are popular and worth watching.

Let me disclose now the best way. One way is to either work day and night by implementing organic techniques, and other is to follow some another approach that most of the eminent brands adopt. Buy real Instagram likes from Digi SMM right now to make your posts go viral instantly and gain the deserved traction.

For instance, if there’s a recent event like Mother’s Day or valentine’s day, you can update your page with the relevant hashtag.


What if I tell you that you don’t need to do anything and likes will come automatically to your posts.

Seems pretty tempting, right.

Hold your breath, and I disclose you the secret.

It is automatic likes. You must be wondering what the heck is this?

You can purchase automatic Instagram likes from us at an affordable price you never got before. Our smart systems keep on checking your profile every 5 mins and as soon as it has notices you have posted something new, then it delivers chosen number of likes on it instantly.

Suppose, you have invested in our 100 Instagram auto likes monthly package then on your every post 100 likes will be delivered, and a limit is 150 that means once you are done posting 150 posts comprises of either photos or videos then you package ends, and you need to renew it again.

Choose these services right now to be counted as one of the most eminent brands of IG and have a huge fan following. Along with this, one thing you dont know is that there are some must know facts about Instagram.

2. Run Contests

Running contests is probably one of the fastest ways of gathering leads to your business. Contests are an effective way to engage users. The prize or giveaway selected by you must fulfill two fundamental criteria.

First, it has to be captivating enough and ignite interest among readers so that they enter the contest.

Second, it needs to be valuable specifically to those who have the highest potential to become your loyal customers.

Another point worth mentioning is that if you want your contest to generate high-quality leads, don’t offer a prize that isn’t related to your business.

While prizes like an iPhone or a trip to Hawaii may flood you with participants, you’ll have no way of finding genuine people who are interested in you, your company and your products. Instead, the prizes that you offer should be related to your business, like an extended free trial linked to your industry.

If the prize is not valuable enough, you won’t have many entrants. At the same time, if it’s so generically valuable that everyone decides to participate, you’ll gather tons of contact information but no qualified leads. Also, your contest will drown in the noise and impact your reach. To do everything perfectly, its better to follow the most popular digital marketing masters to learn some new techniques

Here are some strong methods by which you can generate leads through social media by running a contest:

⦁ Enter by liking/following/sharing/retweeting

These are the easiest contests for readers to enter, so you’ll get a huge number of contestants. But this may not be the best option for lead generation because entrants share only that information on social media that’s publicly available. Furthermore, if you keep on asking them for likes, shares and comments, the Facebook algorithm might view your posts as spam and limit your news feed distribution.

⦁ Click through to a landing page

By using this technique, you will get fewer entrants, but you will gather much more information through the entry form that will turn into qualified leads.

Here’s an example from Wishpond.

3. Make your landing pages social

Having a conventional landing page gives your readers a focused experience, ultimately guiding them towards your conversion goal. With such pages, if readers feel like telling others (your prospects) about the offer, the best options at their disposal includes private messaging or via email. But not many readers would try these methods repetitively as it’s tiresome and sometimes feels spammy.

So, what’s the solution?

Just include social handles on your landing pages and reach a wider audience with just a click of the button.

Here are two easy methods to make your landing page more sociable:

  • Add an option to share the page or post an eye-catching update on the social network page of the visitor.
  • Allow reader to leave their feedback to validate your social proof.

Below is a landing page used by UK-based fashion outlet asos for their “as seen on me” campaign.

This campaign allows users to upload their pictures wearing Asos outfits and get featured on the front page of their website. In order to participate in the campaign, users just have to select their images from Facebook and Instagram. After they upload their pictures, they can share it with their friends-a good possibility of turning them into leads. Sometimes you even need to spend chunks of money before getting deserved engagement. But there are many ways to boost up your facebook page fan base without plunking. This campaign works because of the following reasons:

  • customers gain greater exposure
  • powerful social proof
  • built-in sharing

4. Refer A Friend

This can be tricky, but if done in the right way, referral campaigns can be a brilliant way to get your followers engaged. According to a study by Nielsen, 92% of buyers trust the recommendations of their family members and friends. Referrals are an easy way to break the ice with your potential customers.

Creating compelling offers for the referrer as well as the referees like cash incentives or a gift card might be the nudge required by your customers to recommend others to their network.

It’s best to integrate a social application with your automated marketing platform to build up a campaign that extends across all major social media platforms, permitting you to broaden your customer base in a short time. Each message shared will have a special link that tracks the responses right from the beginning till the conversion stage. You’ll also be able to track the progression and effectiveness of the campaign and understand how your customers and potential clients are helping to get the word out.

Below is an example of how Marketo ran a referral campaign for their annual event. The participants of the event titled “marketing nation online” were encouraged to refer their friends through social channels for a chance to bag an Amazon gift card.


Here’s another attractive refer-a-friend campaign from Body Candy.
Here are some pointers while conducting a refer-a-friend campaign.
  •  The first thing to do is to create a killer message that will encourage your current customer base to refer their friends and family members. Consider the practice of incentivization to encourage greater participation
  • Once subscribers click on the “refer a friend” button, they’ll be guided to a page where they need to enter the email address of their friends.
  • After the referrer has submitted the referral details, present them with a thank you note that validates their submission was successful and approves the offer.
  • Notify the referee about the invitation
  • Collect the details of the new subscribers and add them to your list.

Summing Up

The social media space for generating leads is becoming fiercer, and you got to have every social media scheduling tool at your disposal to attract and generate leads. Social media is a robust ally in your marketing journey. By taking a step further and moving beyond just creating an image for your brand, you can turn social channels into powerful lead-generation machines.

What are the other tactics you’ve used to generate leads from social media?

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