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By , Posted on 12th April, 2018 at 11:27 AM
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101 Facts About Instagram [ Infographic ]- Digi SMM

We are surrounded by a bunch of social media sites currently but out of all Instagram is evolving at a high rate. It emerged as a powerhouse for businesses, brands, marketers and content creators. With nearly 1 billion active users that include 25 million business profiles and advertisers count 2 million, this platform cannot be overlooked. If you want to burst into this social media app as marketing too.

Instagram has propelled numerous brands to achieve new levels. But it is only possible if you are backed by a good count of people otherwise no way out. Few metrics that are the main aspect of every profile are views, comments, a good amount of likes on posts and real active Instagram followers. Without these, you won’t be able to accomplish anything and it’s a total wastage of time to be on Instagram.

IG is a visually focused network and has undergone numerous alterations in recent times; most notable ones are stories, live videos, new filters, video views etc and it continued to thrive.

There is a massive competition among the brands for gaining traction.

Since the beginning, it has enabled diverse companies to promote their products and services without spending huge chunks of money on useless advertisements, and marketing campaigns to get the best results.

With time brands have learned to tap its power. It has proven to be the future platform for marketing.

What is marketing actually …

Marketing is about reaching to the potential customers and influencing them to call to action.

To do so, it is imperative to know where your customers are spending most of their time? Which platform do they love the most?

My answer is Instagram as it is the most widely used platform for the marketing purpose.

Your answer might be different but doesn’t matter as everybody has common goals in relevance to social media.

A recent study by Forrester research proved that Instagrammers were 58 times more likely to comment, like and share the posts of brands as compared to the Facebook users and 120 times more than the twitter users.

Isn’t it the strong point to get shifted to this platform?

Instagram proves itself to be the best social media and mobile platform for the brands to reach a broader audience that is willing to buy their products and services.

If your brand is not on Instagram, then you are missing out on something very significant.

Nowadays people crave for the visual content to share their stories, experiences, and reactions to drive more engagement and no one can do it better than IG as it can highlight visual content in a best possible way.

To capture the attention of the audience, you need to stay active and get more indulged with the audience. Thus, it is crucial to be present on this platform. In case, your fans count is low then you can immediately buy 10000 Instagram followers to surpass your rivalries.

Influencing is the key.

It seems like a simple application yet the most powerful of all. It’s best for the people who want to connect with the brand and get more intimate with it.

Various companies are leveraging from Instagram in the right way and fulfilling their vision.

Harnessing the power of this platform by using its tools ranging from hashtags to filters, developing an impressive reputation for the brand and drive more traffic to your brand’s website.  Enhance the visibility of your brand seamlessly by sharing its posts and get in touch directly with potential customers via comments and automatic Instagram likes.

Other social media sites like Facebook and YouTube still lead in terms of active users, but Instagram holds its firm place as its influence is rapidly on the rise.

If you are still not persuaded with the potential Instagram holds for you then take a look at this eloquent infographic by Digi SMM to know more about the power and influence of this social media network.

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